Thursday, November 8, 2012


I have not posted in a really long time.  There has been a lot of things going on with us but the most recent and probably the most anticipated one is OUR NEW HOUSE!!!!  Yes Jim and I have been looking and wishing and hoping and wishing to buy this house for about 2 1/2 years now.  We always drive down and just dream that we could someday live there.  Well on November 1, 2012 it finally happened and we got the keys to our new palace.....(I say palace cause it is our dream retirement home)  Jim immediately went to work in the yard and I of course started on the inside.  We got most of the stuff moved that we need and now we are left with the daunting task of moving the stuff that you don't use everyday and really don't need but cannot bear to part with.  Anyway  Zac and CJ have been great helps and are trying very hard to get us completely moved cause.......wait for it.....Your right,  They are going to buy our house....... they put their house up for sale less than 2 weeks ago and have it under contract.....Things are moving right along...

I am not sure if I have any pics right now but i will find some and get them posted......If we get all of this done and still have our wits about us it will be a good day.

ok this is not the best picture but it is the only one that I have right now.....I was trying to get a picture of the S
sign that was in front of the house.......I will get some better pictures and get them posted but for now, this will have to do

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 1 of the Morgan County Fair

Do you see the time recorded on my phone?
Yes it was 6:00 AM and we were up and getting ready 
for the 5K Walk/Run for the Morgan County Fair.  I had signed up the family
back in March I think and thought this would be a great way for us to get
a little exercise routine going.  My intention was to go and walk this route at least
once a week.  Well today was our first time walking the route and Mackenzie had to fill
in for Jim.  Jim is working shift work now and did not get home from work in time
to participate.  (does something smell fishy about that?..., just saying)

 Anyway,  Mackenzie is a pro at this and got her feet and legs all taped up the way they need to be.

 Kenzie and Rylee at the starting line.
 This our Before Picture.  See we look all refreshed and glowing and ready to go.....
 This is our finish picture and I am not sure if my camera is right this time.  That means that I would have
done the walk in 24 minutes.....Nah that can't be right....I did do the walk in 52:39 minutes....That is way better than I did last year...  Kenzie said that this was a 15:39 min/mile (whatever that means)
I was just excited to know that I had started and completed the walk.....She even made me jog a little bit and I do apologize to those along the way that might have had to witness that.....
 Zac ran the 1/2 marathon and came in first in his age bracket.  I believe that he finished 10th overall. 
Way to go Zac.  I think that he is preparing for he big race in October in St George.  That will be
a Full Marathon.....
 I also ran into an old high school friend, DeAnn Wallwork.  I had a great time catching up with her.
It was good to see her and she might have even inspired me a little bit.....
 Then we got ready and packed the Blazer to go to the Fair Parade.  It was a great parade!!
Love to see the Anderson Nova.  Thanks for entering Jim and Gloria and Colton and Bryson.....

Friday, July 27, 2012

New Musical Talent

                      Check out the new musical talent that we have discovered in our family!!!

              We have discovered that she likes to sing along with the Clairinet while Rylee is practicing....

                                           When we stop to laugh she looks at us like "What???"

Monday, July 9, 2012


This was the beginning of our Weekend in Park City for a baseball tournament.....
Rylee sleeping and me crocheting (surprised?) 
 Really Utah?  38 days with no rain and we spend money and time to go to baseball and stay in a hotel and it pours....I  know that we need the moisture but come on....
 This was the view out our window.  It did not look very good for our 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm game

 We actually did get to play.  Our games ended up being in Heber City and by the time 5:30 rolled around it had stopped raining.....We won one and lost one.....We did have to finish up a little bit in the rain but it was not too bad after all.
 The next day we played in Coalville and it was hotter than hot....not a drop of rain in sight....we were early but did not see the sense in going home just to turn around and come back so we say and watched (and crocheted) while the other teams played.  It got so hot that my iphone quit working.....Heat exhaustion I guess.
 Rylee hurt his elbow in the previous game so he sat out alot of the game.  He batted but did not go out in the field at all.  Sure hope it heals soon......

 We ended up winning one and loosing one of these games as well.....The boys played good and it was a fun weekend.....On to the next tournament, "The Livistride Tournament" being held in Morgan.....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Riverside Park Style

 We had a Great Day at the Riverside Park, 4th of July celebration.
 It started off with the Parade!!!

 Then eating some scones under the bowery while the little ones played in the
Children's Carnival.
 Of course there had to be face painting...

 Baby Thatcher enjoyed his ride
 A family photo at the Parade...(Notice Grandpa Jim in the sidelines)
 and More face painting...

 Then in the afternoon, the Firetruck was brought in for a great time of water and kids.
 the kids got soaked and we enjoyed sitting nearby in the mist....

We ended the day by catching a couple games of baseball.  It was a great Day!!! even without the fireworks.  Better to be safe than sorry.....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Training in Arizona

Rylee was lucky enough to travel to Arizona with his
baseball team and attend Major League Baseball Training
this year.  They left on Thursday night and drove to Las Vegas
and then the next day to Arizona.

He thinks that this is the kind of car that a Major League
Baseball Player should drive, and someday dreams of being one
and also driving one.

This is Rylee's baseball idol.  Number 55, Tim Limsocombe.
I am sure that I did not do justice to his last name and I am
very sorry for that.  Anyway, he is a very good pitcher and has
very long hair, which Rylee would love to some day aquire.....

Tim on the "Mound" (that is pitcher talk, all of this baseball
is teaching me a new language....)

Posted by PicasaThis picture has nothing to do with this post but I am not bright enough to delete it....

Sorry  This is my neice Jenna with her Neice, Ellie.....

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Part One - Wedding Extravaganza

This is the beginning of our "Wedding Extravaganza". 
We went down to see Ashley, Nate and the girls while they were in Morgan.
Baby Thatcher was born just two weeks before Baby Raegan.

I am sure that they were all very tired as they has just
flown in from North Carolina. ( I hope that is where they live)

Auntie Jenna arrived shortly after and Ellie was very happy
to see her. (So were we)

This is the Very Happy Couple on Thursday, April 5, 2012
coming out of the Idaho Falls Temple.  They had a beautiful
ceremony and Brooke looked very beautiful. Spencer looked very
handsome and extremely happy to be there.  Brooke was sporting
her purple cowboy boots that actually fit her to a "T".  The bouquet
was made up of pins and brooches.  It was very pretty and the first
thing that you saw as they excited the temple.  It was "Very Sparkly"

They stopped and posed for pictures but unfortunatley I was
on the wrong side of the crowd to get a good front sided picture.
I did not dare stop progress and get in front of everyone so I just
took side shots.

This is proof that the Wilkerson's were actually there.
If you notice it appears that Rylee is part of the "MEN IN BLACK"
as he tried to get into the pictures with his headphones in his ears.

Here is the Bride, Groom and the Grooms Parents.
Norris, Spencer, Brooke and Karin.

I was able to get this picture of the siblings and the new MRS. RICHINS!
Ashley, Spencer, Brooke and Jenna

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